Tips for buying a commercial property

Most of us in Singapore would have a residential property by the age of 30 years.  With the low-interest rate that is earning if we put our savings in the bank, it doesn’t fetch us much interest earned.  The current interest payable for a fixed deposit of 12 months is a mere 1.5% per annum only.  Meaning to say, if you put in $10,000 into the fixed deposit, it earned you $150.  With the tightening of borrowing now, most investors actually turned into investing in a commercial development, retail shops, restaurants or offices.

There is quite a few top pick of commercial properties in the market now.  You can prefer to Macpherson Mall Singapore on what is available.  Investors are coming in to purchase either for their own use or as an investment instrument, hoping to get capital returns after a few years of purchase.

The fundamental still applies.  Other than the locations of the development, the location within the location is extremely important for commercial investment.    Macpherson Mall location has all it takes for both the criteria satisfaction.  This is so as a big market player is coming into Macpherson Road to create their flagship in there.  No surprise why the sales of this mall are doing terribly well.  Do pick up this deal and hope it works out well for you.