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We all want to generate as much traffic to our websites as possible and REAL ESTATE NEWS & RESOURCE EXCHANGES from truly relevant real estate websites or websites containing useful real estate information are a great way to do that.

HINTS: If you want your resource hyperlink exchanges to be effective in gaining search engine attention:

  • Do not title your links pages as "Partners" or "Links". Use a title like "Real Estate News and Resources By State."
  • Do not include the words "links" or "partners" in your meta tags for that page, either
  • Write your link statement as if you were writing a sentence about some news or information item embedding your link(s) in that normal sentence structure.

     Resource Example: For great real estate service on a Sarasota Florida or Longboat Key real estate purchase or sale, call upon Mary Bernas, experienced luxury real estate Realtor.

  •  News Item Example: In Sarasota Florida, real estate prices are still declining slightly but the area is a bright spot in the overall Florida real estate market. Read the full story.

We are willing to swap Real Estate News & Resources entries with your website if you will follow these simple rules:

  • Your website and/or news item must be related to the real estate business. For example your website might be for a Realtor, a real estate brokerage, a mortgage broker or company or a real estate-related blog, etc., not financial advice, auto racing or a celebrity fan club.
  • Your hyperlinks to our client's websites must be on either your front page (eg: index.htm; default.html, etc) or no more than two hops away from your front page (eg: Your front page may contain a link to your "news and resources directory page" which then links to the page our entry is on).
  • Your "resources" directory pages should not contain more than 50 such resource exchange links per page because search engines tend to discount pages with nothing but long lists of URL links.

Please do not waste your time or ours if you cannot meet these requirements.   We're not interested in exahnging resources and news links that will do neither of us any good.

If your website meets these criteria and you'd like to request a resource swap, Click Here

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